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A Math Dice Game to Play – Make 10

Make 10 is a fast-paced game that challenges students’ knowledge of pairs of numbers that add to 10. It also encourages students to practice finding the difference between 10 and a larger number.
What You Need:
3 Players – One die thrower and Two callers.
1 die
Scratch paper for recording scores
Ten frames as a scaffold (optional)
How to Play:
  1. The Thrower throws the die.
  2. Players One and Two call out the number that when added to the number rolled on the dice.
  3. The Thrower decides which player ‘won’ the race to call the correct number.
  4. The player who ‘wins’ records the number they called out as their score e.g. if a 6 is thrown and Player One is the first to call out 4 then their score is 4 for that round.
  5. Play continues in this fashion for 5 rounds.
How to Win:
The player with the highest score at the end of 5 rounds is declared the winner.
Two dice version: One player will roll two dice. Depending on the sum of both numbers rolled, players will either need to add or subtract to make a 10. The difference between the sum of the dice and 10 is their score.
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