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Number Dice Game – Closest to 100

Closest to 100 is a two-player dice game where the goal is to be the player with a final score closer to 100 than their opponent.
Students work on the mathematical concepts of Counting On, Addition & Subtraction during this game.

What You Need:

2 dice (or online dice)
Scratch paper for recording the score
a 100 chart as an  optional scaffold depending on student need

How to Play:

  1. Decide which student goes first. I find students enjoy something novel that requires a little thought so try something like, ‘The player with the smallest ear * top to lobe goes first’.
  2. Player One rolls two dice and uses the digits rolled to create a 2-digit number e.g. a 2 and a 6 could make either 26 or 62.
  3. Using a mental strategy, players find the difference between their number and 100. The student explains their strategy to their playing partner e.g. they could add 8 to get to 70 then continue counting by tens. 80, 90, 100. So the difference is 38.
  4. Play continues for three rounds. At the end of the third round, players add the three differences they each found.

How to Win this Dice Game:

The player with the total closest to 100 wins.

Teaching Tip:

Encourage students to be strategic when choosing their initial numbers since they know they will have three throws and their end goal is to be close to 100 as possible.

* Embrace Teachable Moments:

During my career, I have found these little ‘asides’ often lead to teachable moments. In the case above, the discussion could centre on how to quickly measure the length – by physically comparing? Formal Units? or Informal Units?
The discussion could be as simple as introducing the vocabulary of ‘lobe’ or as complex as testing if body measurement similarities are facts or urban legends e.g. Is the little finger the same length as the ear? Is the distance from the crook of the arm to the wrist the same as the length of the foot?
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Wait Time – Please hang in there. It takes about a minute to load the dice roller
so take a little time to prepare to witness the mesmerizing dance
of the dice as they come to life on your screen.

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