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Online Dice Rollers – a beautifully animated set of virtual dice rollers designed to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re a tabletop enthusiast or enjoy playing dice games, our versatile animated dice are perfect for classroom Math games. With the ability to throw up to six dice at a time, you have complete control over your game play.

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Enhance mental Addition & Subtraction skills with the math game Contig Jr. The game is an engaging free, printable math game designed to make learning math facts enjoyable. The game revolves around throwing Three Dice and applying Addition &/or Subtraction to the numbers rolled in order to achieve a specific total.

Free Addition Game  Free Addition Game

Two Dice Games to Explore:

Dice games offer an engaging and interactive way to enhance math skills. Here are two recommended dice games that can help improve mathematical abilities:

  1. “Sum It Up”: “Sum It Up” is a simple yet effective dice game that strengthens addition skills. To play, each player takes turns rolling two dice. They must quickly calculate the sum of the numbers rolled and announce it to the group. e.g if a player rolls a 3 and a 5, they would say “8.” The goal is to mentally add the numbers as fast as possible and develop fluency in mental math. Players can track their progress by setting a time limit for each round and comparing the number of correct sums calculated. This game encourages quick thinking, mental agility and improves addition skills.

  2. “Product Challenge”: “Product Challenge” is a dice game that focuses on multiplication skills. Each player rolls two dice and multiplies the numbers together. e.g if a player rolls a 4 and a 6, they would multiply them to get a product of 24. Players take turns announcing their products, and the highest product wins the round. This game reinforces multiplication facts and promotes strategic thinking as players determine the best way to multiply the numbers rolled. Players can use three dice instead of two, challenging themselves with larger numbers and more complex multiplication calculations.

Both “Sum It Up” and “Product Challenge” provide enjoyable opportunities to practice and reinforce math skills. By incorporating these dice games into learning activities, students can improve their mental math abilities, enhance calculation speed, and develop a solid foundation in basic arithmetic operations.

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